When I was a child I’d watch my father perfect the picture settings on the TV before watching a movie.


The changes would be subtle, and I’d wonder why this mattered so much to him, when 11-year-old me could barely tell the difference.


The irony is I now dedicate my life to the details of photographs and images. But I still stand by that 11-year-old viewpoint that it’s the story that matters most - and that will never change. 


Well before my career as a professional photographer, I’d watch people and assign stories to match their image.


Before photography, I didn’t have the means to share stories, so my imagination took hold.


I’ve always found people fascinating, and portrait photography has allowed me to give narrative to what I’ve never been able to express.


After my days of studying, shooting and creating my first few portfolios in my home of Gold Coast, Queensland, I prepared to swim with the big fish in Sydney as a portrait and headshot photographer.


It was the best decision I ever made.


Now I specialise in people photography with a large portion of my work spent shooting headshots for actors, artists, corporate clients, business and personal branding.


My studio is located in Sydney’s creative hub, Zetland.


Don’t hesitate to contact me with any inquiries.

Michael Quelch Photo Copyright 2020 © 

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