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Low Budget - Creative - Test Shoot - 06.05.2023

I felt the need to shoot something off the books and with total creative freedom.

bts photo zetland studio
Cling-Wrap and some watered down paint is what we were working with

photo eye creative studio shoot sydney
Pamela MacIntyre was such a great and collaborative subject

creative studio shoot sydney photo
When we added the dark eyeliner it really changed the feeling of the images

sydney creative studio photo shoot
Showing a bit more of the set

creative sydney studio portrait
Was fun to go vertical and shoot some more portrait based work too

creative portrait studio sydney
Unplanned capture. I've noticed I always process the unplanned moment in B&W, not sure why that is.

contact sheet photography portrait
Part of the contact sheet from the shoot

Thanks to Pam MacIntyre for being a brilliant subject.

Thanks for stopping by :)


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