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The Reason I Love Shooting People

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

For those who haven’t had (what I believe) is the pleasure of meeting me, I’m Michael, a professional headshot photographer based in Sydney. Welcome to my first blog post.

The title was my first attempt at clickbait. The truth is I'm in love with the act of shooting photos of people and let me tell you why.

* Disclaimer I promise not to shower my readers in Dad jokes, I'm serious about that so if you think I've Dad joked too hard you can have your money back! #thatwasadadjoke

I first started my photo journey because I wanted to get into Street Photography. For those that don't know, Street Photography is capturing candid moments of strangers on the street. At least thats what it is to me.

I found this style of photography so insanely special and I was very driven and often catching the train to Brisbane ( the closest city to me at the time) to practise street photography. However I was terrible at it plus I was at that tender young age where I hadn't yet discovered the art of patience and mastering crafts.

I was literally too scared to release the shutter on a stranger even at a great distance. I didn't have the eye for imagery or the foresight to see potential moments about to occur (crucial skills for street photographers)

I ended up going out all day and not making any images and this went on for a fair few months. Then one day I decided to have a crack at shooting the sunset in a landscape frame. Well I got home and had images, they weren't great but gave me something to play with in post production and I was stoked.

Earliest Landscape Photo I can find

I continued to shoot landscapes obsessively.

I would go through stages of waking up for sunrise, shooting, waiting for sunset, shooting... completely in love and obsessed and it wasn't long before my street photography desires faded into a nothing but my "reason I got into photography story"

As the years went by I started to feel urges for street photography and have another crack only to find myself again scared and usually giving up to go shoot the sunset before it had gone (usually meeting it again for the morning)

I had dabbled in portraits like when friends were pregnant (not my baby) and wanted a photo for example but to be honest they were incredibly terrible being my first attempts and I was happy creating my landscapes because I got good at it and always got a result.

I got a bit better

Then came a time one of my dearest friends Simon was having a hard time. Simon is very artistic and great at expressing himself usually in the form of writing (I'm actually waiting to be critiqued after he reads this) anyway he wasn't doing the best and for whatever reason I asked Simon if we could do a photo to tell the story of the ordeal he was going through.

This would be the first portrait I was ever happy with and realised the power of story telling through imagery. I realised that's what I wanted out of street photography anyway! I just want to tell stories.

Simon and I created a series of interesting concept portraits after that I'll put below.

Simon is a great hip-hop artist and you can hear his work at -

The First Portrait Simon & I Created

Selfie vs Reality

Writers Block
Another Portrait Session With Simon I Call This One Writers Block

From this moment on I started my journey learning the art of portrait photography. I love that photography gives me an excuse to meet interesting people who otherwise I may never had the chance to meet. I love the way light falls onto a person and in a still image it can tell a story in itself. I love every aspect of portraiture.

I love shooting people.

Thank you very much taking time to read my first blog post.

Michael Quelch.

PS I've added a few of my more recent photos of people below.

Nick Barker-Pendree Actor Headshot

Em Mah Masked Model

Pauline Forkell Actor Headshot

Warren Glover Actor Profile


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