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Photographs During Covid19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

During the covid19 pandemic most commercial work for photography in Sydney has been put on hold and for good reason. Being a portrait photographer and working closely with people I haven't been able to work but I my burning desire to photograph has led me to a place where I am filling up memory cards faster than when Australia was "open"

I decided to write this blog to showcase some of work I've been creating at home.

Self portrait of Michael Quelch during covid19 pandemic
Self Portrait

I work with a lot of creative people from musicians to actors and I urge you all use this time to develop artistically.

Photo concept how it feels in isolation during covid19
How It Can Often Feel

A comedy approach to describe social distancing
Social Distancing

Each day I wake up at a different time and feeling a little different about the situation. The only thing that stays consistent is my urge to shoot photos and express my thoughts through the medium.

A self portrait of Michael Quelch staring in the mirror at his masked self
How will the future look?

As soon as life returns to how we once knew it I am happy to announce I will be back in the studio and shooting portraits and headshots.

While creating these concepts and self portraits are a lot of fun and fill a void, my passion will always be helping people progress in their career and creative endeavours. I hope you are well and staying safe.

Thanks for stopping by.

Michael Quelch.

Split Lighting self portrait Sydney Australia
Self Portrait Using Split Lighting

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