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Concepts: Why I Like To Shoot This Way

When I was a child I wanted to be an actor, I used to write to my favourite actors and get responses in the mailbox. To this day I still don't know if Jim Carey and Robin Williams actually wrote back to me or if my Mum was creating a magical world for me to temporarily live in until I have to face reality. I suppose I know the answer to that question, I'd just rather look the other way. I always have looked the other way and I think thats why I enjoy creating images that don't exactly portray reality but rather a concept that we can relate within our own realities.

Last week I had a client who came into the studio to shoot his album cover. He gave me creative control and put his trust in me to come up with a concept that works well with the themes of the album. My favourite part of being a photographer is working with people and of course, making images, I feel extra blessed when working with other creative people who require something more conceptual, luckily here in Sydney, the creative scene is thriving and I photograph artists of all disciplines. I can't show the conceptual album cover I shot recently as the album hasn't been released however it got me thinking about concepts I've shot in the past, some of these many years ago.

I thought I'd share a bit of my conceptual work with you here in this blog post -

Sydney Portrait Sunflower
Sunflower Murder

Sydney Portrait Clock
No Mans Land Clock

Sydney Concept Portrait
Confident Eyes - Messy Eater

Sydney Portrait Covid-19 Concept
Covid-19 Concept

Sydney Portrait Album Cover
Bad Break-up

Self Portrait of Michael Quelch Sydney
Self Portrait

Sydney Concept Portrait
Cruel Mistress

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