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Changing The Subject. A Still Life Story.

Updated: May 15, 2020

I recently changed the subject and made a series of still life images as I've had the time to work on more personal projects recently.

It's important to step out of your creative comfort zone, whether you're a musician, actor, writer, photographer or even comedian. We all benefit from learning new skills it helps us develop as artists and to see the world from a perspective that was not accessible before.

A still life image of a grape alone on the vine

As a portrait photographer I was a little intimidated but lighting a subject so small and creating an expression with a subject that I cannot speak to.

A photo of an apple split in two

I will not ever look at fruit or vegetables the same again. Particularly the ones I've used as narrative.

A photo of a banana in dramatic lighting

The background is my black T-Shirt wrapped around a wooden box on my desk.

A red capsicum in tears

No capsicums were harmed in the process.

An orange in a cup and orange juice on the desk. A still life photograph

My personal favourite was this orange.

I love shooting still life photography but not as much as I love photographing people.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all well and safe.

Much love.

Michael Quelch.

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