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5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Corporate Headshot

I get it. For a lot of people going for their professional headshot is no more exciting than a visit to the dentist, it can even be daunting for some people. I believe with a bit of planning, knowing what to expect and communication you can turn your experience in the studio to an enjoyable one and in turn you will have better results from the shoot.

I've created my top 5 tips to help you in preparing for your corporate headshot. This idea was inspired by the success of my blog regarding actor headshots, so if you are an actor please feel free to check that blog out here

1. Have an idea on how you want to be perceived -

It's a simple idea which I'll explain with two examples of headshots I have made in the past.

Matt here wanted to be perceived as fun and approachable for his professional image as it suited his career as a television presenter often starring in children entertainment. Before the day of the shoot we discussed the approach and how he would like to be perceived and that way we were able to get into character and have fun with the image we both had in our heads.

On the other hand Steven's brief was quite different. Steven wanted to appear sharp, serious and reliable. Again this was all discussed before the day of the shoot. This way the photographer can prepare the light and advise on the clothing to bring along.

2. Talk to your photographer -

Any photographer worth their salt will want to discuss the style and vision of the shoot before hand rather than going in "blind"

My advice is to ask any questions you have. The more questions the better. It tells us photographers a lot and in turn will help us prepare the shoot and advise you on everything before hand.

3. Hair -

In this digital age a few flyaway hairs are no drama to fix in post. However an uneven beard or greasy hair can become a problem. Try to present yourself as you would in an important job interview. Now it really does all come down to how you want to present yourself at the end of the day but the majority of people who come for corporate headshots want a clean appearance, exceptions are always welcome of course. Keep in mind you are going to be professionally lit and in front of a camera that captures more detail in it's sensor than our human eye does.

4. Relax and trust your photographer -

I think it helps to know that your photographer is a director on set. You are not expected to be striking the pose that was on the cover of Vogue last month. Your job is to show up and of course communicate your needs as mentioned earlier in the blog. Once you are in studio or on location you can relax and follow the direction of the professional. There is also a bonus tip inside this tip and that's to choose someone who's images you really like, someones whom's portfolio resonates with your desired outcome. That way you know you are not wasting time nor money, you chose them for a reason and you can relax knowing that you chose them because they are great at what they do.

5. Set aside the time -

Final tip is to set aside the time. Great headshots happen when the subject is comfortable. Sometimes that takes a bit of time to really feel. For my corporate headshot shoots I tell my clients to set aside 1.5 hours. Without the rush we can have a chat before the shoot/during and really create some honest portraits without cheesy tricks and awkward expressions. Obviously this doesn't work for everyone but if you are able to allocate that little bit of extra time I promise you it will be worth it.

So there you have it - my five tips to help you prepare for your corporate headshot! I hope you enjoyed reading these tips and you feel more prepared for you headshot.

You can see my portfolio here

If you have any questions for me about your headshot feel free to contact me via my website or directly to I'd be happy to help.

Thanks for reading!

Warms Regards,

Michael Quelch.

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